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The MIXMAN D4B and the MIXMAN D5B have a hydraulic feeder. The feeder is easier to fill due to the larger filling opening and, thanks to the shape of a funnel, ensures precise filling of the mixing bowl. This saves you labou and time. A solid diesel engine adds performance boosts where it is needed.

Filling Height 425mm
Tank Capacity 59 Litres
Weight 1750kg
Engine 2600rpm


The Dynamic version gives you a performance boost. Especially when overcoming large distances or height differences, the Dynamic version is the right choice. The power control on Dynamic, the speed is ramped up and you have the necessary extra power.


The start-stop system works in the same way as that used in the automotive industry. For longer periods of use, the MIXMAN automatically shuts off, reducing energy costs and protecting the material. The function can also be deactivated at any time.

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Technical Data

The specifications of this machine.


3-cylinder Deutz D 2011 L03: 43 hp / 31.6 kW to 46.8 hp / 34.4 kW to 2600 rpm, oil-cooled


ATLAS COPCO about 4.3 m3 to 4.9 m3 at approx. 7 bar delivery

Pressure mixing tank :

200 litres net capacity

Filling height:

425 mm

Tank capacity:

59 litres

Street legal:

up to 80 km / h



Dimension (LxWxH):

5000mm x 1580mm x 2450mm

* = depending on equipment

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