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Eco Friendly MIXMAN

The MIXMAN E3 32A is designed as a switchable electric machine, which allows you to effortlessly work in the 32A range. The air storage method compares the performance of the E3 with conventional pneumatic conveyors. The modern screw compressor has been developed and tested for the tough conditions.

Drive Electric Motor 22 kw,400volts,
Compressed air storage 500 litres
Safety In door use
Weight 1.710 kg

Improving Quality

An eco friendly machine for an eco friendly future. The MIXMAN E3 and E3B is designed to improve air quality for workers and the environment whilst retaining the robust features found on all other MIXMAN series. low noise.

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Technical Data

The specifications of this machine.


Electric motor 22 KW, 400 V three-phase


Screw compressor

Pressure mixing tank:

265 litres net capacity

Compressed air storage:

500 litres



1.710 kg *

Mixer drive:

5.5 kW

* - Depending on the equipment

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