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The MOBILEMAN D5 is a mobile logistics system for the processing of conventional screed. Here screed sand is mixed with a binder, usually cement, and transported to the destination. Due to the earth-moist consistency of the screed, the material can not be pumped permanently. At this point, the plug promotion comes into play, in which with compressed air, the material is conveyed up to 200 m. The advantages of this process are the low cost and ease of processing of the material. The addition of additives can easily regulate the curing time.


Hatz 4H50TIC 4-cylinder
The new Hatz 4-cylinder engine gives your MOBILEMAN the necessary power on the construction site. 
At the rear of the MOBILEMAN D5 is a protected control cabinet made of stainless steel. Here is the control center for all functions and inputs housed. 

The conveyance of conventional screed is realized by means of plug conveying. In this 
method, the material is conveyed by compressed air to the destination. 
The Atlas Copco built-in compressor is so powerful that it can easily be pumped to the vertical 
. With a capacity of up to 5.2 m3 per minute at max. 8 bar you can create even the most remote construction sites without
Problems. This increases your efficiency and increases your yield. 

The built-in MOBILEMAN Hatz engine you get a reliable and powerful partner on the 
construction site. 
Here special emphasis was placed on the qualitative value of the engine. The innovative design and the 
continuous development clearly speak for this unit. 
A trailblazing downsizing approach has been followed that 
makes the engine the most compact and lightest in its class. Furthermore, the engine meets the latest emission standard 3B. 

Cost and benefits are the focus of the MOBILEMAN D5.
Through our USB interface for data transfer and the optional remote function, it is always possible to 
view the current material consumption and to plan the further deliveries of raw materials more efficiently. Since the system 
works completely automatically, it is possible to use human resources most efficiently. Due to the fact that the 
residual quantities of raw materials remain at the end of the construction site in the vehicle and can be on the following construction site, the material losses reduce sustainable.

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