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GB Screed Pumps UK make sure we offer certified original parts and accessories.

Get all your GB Ludger Glapp & Fritz Brinkmann parts from a single source. With sites accross the UK we can prepare what you need today, to be on the construction site tomorrow.


We also supply Hoses,Screed Hoppers,Couplings etc for all makes of Pumps. 

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genuine parts

Original parts stocked and delivered directly to you. During emergencies, parts can be picked up the same day from one of our Manchester, London or Scotland sites. Feel free to view our parts below and add them to the ‘Here to Help’ section to request your inquiry.


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We have everything you need to make sure your GB Machine is running as smooth as possible. Our machines are tough and work tirelessly, but with a bit of TLC your machine will perform efficiently and safely. If you need any advice on maintenance then contact us

Here you will find a number of spare parts for the several machines we provide. In addition to these products, you will also find other accessories and equipment.

High quality components.

Reliable, powerful machines for high standards. Thanks to the extensive experience of our engineers and technicians as well as the intensive contact we maintain with users, we are able to design and build machines to the needs and conditions of the construction site. The best parts for the best machines.

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