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-High performance screw pump-


Up for the job in hand

The FLOWMAN's numerous built-in features make it a high-performance worm pump, driven by a 3-cylinder diesel engine. Its high conveying capacity even allows for very large increases in the delivery altitude; it can handle heights of up to about 30 floors.

Engine 3-cylinder
Delivery amount 18 m3/h
Delivery Pressure 35 bars
Tank capacity 45 Litres

Powerful & Reliable

The screw is the FLOWMAN's delivery unit. The robust screw rotor is speed-controlled, allowing the conveyance rate to be determined. This helps the conveyed material to be distributed more efficiently where required. With a high powered, 3-cylinder Deutz diese engine it conveys materials with ease.

Safe & Practical

Protective grating is not only there to prevent hands being inserted into the machine but also to sift the material and break down coarser materials. The combination of safety and the practical use of the protective gratin make the FLOWMAN a well-designed worm pump for all your pumping needs.

Fast & Strong

The FLOWMAN is specially designed for pumping liquid floor screed.Fitted with the correct Rotor & Stator the correct pressure and output can be easily achieved for both distance and output.

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Technical Data

The specifications of this machine.


3-cyliner Deutz diesel engine

Delivery amount:

Flows to 18 m3/h

Delivery pressure:

35 bars

Delivery distance/height:

up to about 180m

Tank capacity:

45 Litres

Filling height:




Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm:

4500 x 1400 x 1350

* Depending on the configuration
** National regulations must be observed and followed

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